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Custom Pool & Spa Covers

Insulating your Pool or Spa has never been easier for you. Call us to measure your pool  or hot tub for a custom made cover that will help insulate against heat loss. We offer lower spa cover prices then the manufacturers of the same product. Our spa covers are locally made for a quicker turn-around time.

        Custom Made, Money Saving, Insulating Spa Cover

         Covers          reg. Price        Sale Price until 7/1/15 4” - 2” Standard Density Foam $479.95 5” - 3” Super Dense Foam $509.95 5” - 3” Ultra Dense Foam $579.95 Cover-lifts                                                                Starting at          $210.95 Handrails                                                                 Starting at          $250.00 Side Bar                                                                  Starting at          $197.95 Durable Steps                                                         Starting at          $180.95 Spa Umbrella                                                          Starting at          $495.00 Heavy Cover Removal                    $100 Covers needing specialty equipment installed will be assessed on a per item basis. Every spa installation is unique. The spa cover is an important part of the heating system. You can replace that heavy, waterlogged, damaged or mossy cover with an insulating cover that will save you money. The more the taper the more the water run- off. The denser the foam the fewer voids to fill with vapor. Call today to get free measurement and delivery of your new spa cover. 1-877-99-BBSPA Upgrade, repair, or replace your cover hardware! A new cover lift, a new handrail, solar blankets for your spa, or if your cover needs to be covermate ready, we can measure deliver and assess any additional issues that will expedite the replacement. You can choose a color from below:

Pool Winter Covers &

Summer Solar Blankets

Black Bear Spa LLC has handled pool closings of a wide variety of types. Your pool’s winter and summer seasons need different covers. A solar blanket in the summer will retain a significant amount of heat, saving you money. The right winter cover will significantly reduce start-up chemicals and time, saving you money. Cover Reels Solar Blankets Winter Covers Winter SAFETY Covers We can find you the best options for durability, price, and customized options. Call 1-877-99-BBSPA
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Pacific Blue
       Amaretto / Brown
Forest Green Light Gray
Pool & spa covers