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Pool Services

Black Bear Spa LLC provides a variety of pool services to you. Here you may evaluate the pool service that fits your needs. All labor rates exclude any needed chemicals. Our pool clarity services are second to none in cost `or completion time, as well as reliable regular maintenance. View our policies & procedures.

Pool Opening

BBSpa can get your pool or swim spa up and running for your seasonal use. We will remove your pool cover, return your anchors to their rest position, vacuum, skim, and brush your pool. We add the chemicals it will need to properly start the pool for chemical stabilization. We handle all the wet muck that may come along with the opening of a pool. Save yourself pain and aggravation, and call 877-992-2772. One Time Trip fee + $34.50 per half hour

Pool Closing

You can enjoy a stress free end to your pools swimming season by letting BBSpa close your pool for till the next swimming season. We perform a cleaning and add a “winter mix “ of chemicals to help inhibit algae growth in the pool. Every pool is different, and so are their closings. We close the pool according to your individual needs. One Time Trip fee + $34.50 per half hour

Pool Winter Safety Cover Install

BBSpa will custom measure via triangulation your pool to get the best fit for your layout. Once the cover is made, we custom measure your pool to add anchors that sink flush to your concrete or wood site to ensure strong, safe use of the cover. Our low rates and low cover prices blows our competitors out of the “water”. One Time Trip fee + $34.50 per half hour

Pool Chemical Sales

We will beat our in-state competitors prices by at least 5% on all pool chemical sales. Your chemicals would cost less if you bought them from Black Bear Spa.
Black Bear Spa LLC

Regular Pool Cleanings

BBSpa will deliver reliable crystal clear pool maintenance during your swimming seasons. We offer a variety of scheduling availabilities that will meet your needs. Very often, we take over a pool from another pool company and the customer is amazed by the superb pool clarity, the punctuality, and the low, low price. Weekly, Bi-Weekly or your set number visits, our service gives you freedom.                            One Time Trip Fee + $69.00 per visit

Pool Clarity Cleaning

The flagship of our pool department! We clear up green, cloudy, algae filled, frog and toad harboring, salamander or insect pools into clear and clean swim-able water. If you cannot see your pool floor, you need a clarity stabilization. You can take control of your pool that may have been left to nature. Within a couple of weeks, you can have a clean and clear pool. One Time Trip Fee + $79.00 per visit

One Time Pool Cleaning

Use a one time cleaning when you have a party or event around your pool. We balance the water and clear your already clear pool of debris. Often people confuse their needs of a pool clarity service and a one time cleaning. A one time cleaning is a spot cleaning of your already clear and sanitized pool. One Time Trip Fee + $89.00 per hour

Pool Repair Labor

BBSpa can find what is draining your pool, assist with your loud or non-operating pump, change the sand in your filter, troubleshoot your heater, order upgrade or replacement parts at a comparably lower cost than our competitors. We repair your parts when we can, and offer cost effective replacements in other situations. One Time Trip Fee + $34.50 per half hour

Pool Inspections

BBSpa will inspect your pool for accessible equipment leaks, clarity issues, proper mechanical operations, and any other issues that may be present. BBSpa will also inspect your pool for available upgrades, and proper safety equipment. New home owner or never had a pool, BBSpa will make sure your pool is cool.
                                                          One Time Trip fee + $34.50 per half hour
Pool service