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1 Year Parts Warranty Major components, except for PVC plumbing, will have a warranty of 1 year from the manufacturer starting the date of payment of the part. (examples: motors, circuit boards, blowers, control packs, topside controls, heaters, digital lights etc. The service technician will inform the end user of the warranted parts) Exceptions include but is not limited to Jets [60 day warranty]. The warranty is extended to the purchaser only, and is voided in the transfer or sale of the component.
Late or Non- Payments All services from BBSpa are C.O.D. , meaning that once a service is completed, the full price of the invoice is due immedialty, minus any deposits given. BBSpa collects monies immediatly after a service is delivered so as to bring the account into a zero balance. BBSpa may send out a bill through text, email, or United States Postal Service. The Bill will have a payment deadline included. If BBSpa does not recieve payment for services delivered, 14 days after the deadline, additional charges may apply, including but not limited to: monthly interest at a 20% rate; $34.50 per daily call to collect a payment on bill; collection agency charges; and court costs. These charges can compound. These charges are to strongly encourage you the consumer to pay for what has already been recieved. We thank you for your understanding and compliance with the payment policies.
Service policies
You can choose to pay via check*, cash, credit card or money order, or your registered
payment method will be charged at the end of the day services are delivered. A receipt of 
deposit will be given in the form of a paper slip, and/or, an image text to the registered
text information, and/or, an email or email attachment. The total of the itemized charges 
will be listed on the final service slip. Copies of the running charges are available on re-
(*     Checks that are returned from a bank for non
-sufficient funds or other reasons,  
will incur a $75 fee plus applicable charges)  
Troubleshoot Some Spa Issues:
Many times people think they need service and it may be something you can fix your-
self. The digital control panel is designed to give the end
-user (you) functional control of 
your spa. You should always have a copy of your spa controls manual so you can know 
what the error codes are. Open the service area to get your control system make & model 
numbers.  Then go online and search for your control manual.
Some common errors
No Heat
(could be) 
flashing dots, ER, No heat light, No heat 
symbol. (If it is a no heat issue you should remove your filter first. This actually solves 
75% of heating problems. If this solves the issue, you need to replace with a new filter.
(You should not operate your spa, other than testing purposes, without a filter because 
something may get sucked into the pump and damage components.)
If that did not solve your issue…….     Call 1-877-992-2772 for a service visit.
No Water Movement
(could be) 
no jet light, no jet sym-
bol, FLO, FLC, etc. Removing the filter is the first step.  If this solves your problem, you
need a new filter. If not, turn your jet pump on high then low 5
 or 6 time
 with 2 - 3 second be-
tween speed switches. If that solved your problem you had an airlock in your pump.
If that did not solve your issue…….     Call 1-877-992-2772 for a service visit.
Last Step, turn off the power for 30
60 seconds and 
turn the power back on.
This solves a lot of problems as well. Often, for any number 
of reasons, power may fluctuate on your power grid. Resetting the power allows relays
that may be stuck open or stuck closed, to power down the EM
If that did not solve your issue…….     Call 1-877-992-2772 for a service visit.
Protect Your Spa
The MAIN culprit of spa issues relate to 
. PH  refers to how acidic or alkaline a sub-
stance is, in this case your spa water. If the PH is not kept in check (7.2
 -7.8 range), it 
WILL cause: your pump seals to leak throwing very hot acidic water into the mechanics
of the pump motor damaging the assembly; Your heater elements to blow because the
enamel is eroded away; Jets will not have a long life span and simply deteriorate.
Another way to protect your spa is to drain the water 4 times a year. When chemicals are
added the TDS (total dissolved solids) is raised. Shock, chlorine, bromine, calcium, oils,
scents, etc. all add to the TDS level. Emptying your tub 4 times a year will release the
solids so that when you add chemicals you are not also damaging your components.
An effective and proven way to maintain the PH of your spa is to add a salt sys-
tem. It automatically maintains a set level of sanitization of the pool or spa water.
This reduces user input additions which is what causes PH swings. The salt sys-
tem also reduces water changes from 
a year into
year.  Within a few
years,, a salt system will pay for itself.
Service Delivery Area
Black Bear Spa Repair provides serves to Western Washington. We are centered
on the Olympic Peninsula towards Kitsap County. We service Kitsap, Jefferson,
Mason, Pierce, Clallam, & Thurston Counties. Major cities include but are not
limited to: Bremerton, Poulsbo, Port Orchard, Bainbridge Island, Belfair, Shel-
ton, Tacoma, Puyallup, Spanaway, Yelm, Gig Harbor & Olympia. 
All service visits incur an average trip fee of $69 (April 2012
October 30th
2016) Trip fees cover travel related expenses. Trip fees are added to the total ser-
vice bill.
cover delivery and measurement (no 
charge for measurement & delivery),
Cancelling an Appointment
Appointments can be canceled by calling 1-877-99-BBSPA  Cancel
requests must be at least 12 hours before the scheduled visit time to ensure there 
are no charges. Appointments canceled or customer No Shows (no access to spa)
inside of the 12 hour window will be charged the trip charge of $69 (no excep-
tions). You can also email or call the support desk to cancel outside of the 12
hour cancellation cut
off time. Visit our Contact / Bio page for contact informa-
(You do not have to be home to receive service, often, the client is not home.
Please inform BBSpa if there are any special circumstances. )
Late Technician 
If the service technician is more than 59 minutes outside of the appointment win-
dow, You, the customer can reschedule for the first available appointment if there 
is an increased inconvenience of the late arrival. Or, you can opt for a 20% dis-
count of the trip fee.
Fully Foamed Tubs Regarding Leaks
Tub cabinets that are foamed in for insulation causes MAJOR problems when they leak. The leak 
causes the foam to get saturated hiding the location of the leak. (It is like a slow drip onto a
sponge. Over time the foam absorbs the water until it cannot hold anymore, and then it leaks. The
original leak is hidden within the foam.) To search for a leak in a fully foamed tub is VERY time
consuming and labor intensive. Also it may present problems if the tub has to be set on its side.  
(You should expect a $700 bill to find and repair that leak. More, if the spa has to be removed 
from a deck.)
Deposit for Parts  
In order to order speciality components for your repair, a deposit for the full price of the compo-
nent is required. The deposit can be a in the form of a check or money order, or the registered 
payment can be charged. An itemized receipt for the deposit is given or emailed when the charges 
are transferred into Black Bear Spa possession. Parts orders that are cancelled after the order & 
deposit are placed, will be charged a 35% restocking/cancellation fee.
30 Day Labor Warranty
Service labor to perform a specific activity and that is charged to the customer will be warranted 
for 30 days after payment for the service. (If a motor is replaced, the labor for replacing the motor 
is warranted if there are further issues associated with components other than the motor, there will be additional relevant charges applied.