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Spa Services

We have seen thousands of spas and hot tubs! We can fix your spa. All Brands, all manufactures , all sizes. From covers to controllers we can get your spa running and heating again. We have innovative solutions to common spa issues at a low rate. View our policies & procedures.

Spa Repair

We fix your spa! Pumps, heaters, leaks, filters, jets, controllers, ozonators, blowers, injectors, these items are our world! It is literally what we do! Call us today to accurately diagnose your spa at the best professional labor rates in the state of Washington. Save time, money, and frustration with our friendly customer service and flexible scheduling. Fix your Spa!                  One Time Trip Fee + $34.50 per half hour

Spa Inspection

A special service for home inspectors, insurance companies, new home sales customers. We give you a 60+ point inspection that alerts to any issues that may be present in your spa. We provide a written record of the spas condition for various uses among various individuals. Inspections include viewing available areas of the spa for damage, past and present. Get Inspected today!                          One Time Trip Fee + $50.00 per visit

Spa Cleaning

When your running spa gets out of hand, we handle the dirty work for you. We clean the inside of the pipes, and sanitize the lines with a special chemical. Then we clean and polish the spa shell after we pressure clear the lines. After the spa is refilled (if desired), we balance the water chemicals for you. Enjoy a clean spa on a regular basis by setting up regular cleaning visits. One Time Trip Fee + $175

Spa Upgrades

We can update your spa with a salt system upgrade! We can add those extra jets you want. Need a coverlift or hand rail? How about a touch screen remote inside of your home. Technology has allowed older spas to get a bionic makeover without spending thousands and thousands on a new spa. Call Us at 877-99-BBSPA
Black Bear Spa LLC

Spa Regular Maintenance

BBSpa will deliver regular spa maintenance and care. We will come to your spa or hot tub, and regularly maintain the chemicals and the clarity of the water. Bromine, chlorine, salt or UV, we ensure the regular use of your spa, based on the frequency of visits. We include cover wipe downs, regular spa filter cleanings, vacuuming of debris in the spa seats and floor, and water-line brushing. Let BBSpa take care of your spa needs.                                              One Time Trip Fee + $69.00 per visit

Spa Opening Service

Black Bear Spa will serve your needs to open your spa. We come to start your spa or hot tub for your continuous or seasonal use. We connect your plumbing, vacuum and out your spa for any residual moisture that may have gotten in while it was shut down. We fill the tub to the correct level and add chemicals once the spa is circulating and heating. We install the filters and wipe down your cover. We include a free SAFETY INSPECTION.                                                                 One Time Trip Fee + $172.50

Spa Closing / Winterization Service

When you need to close your spa for the season, or because your moving, or just storing it for the time being, let BBSPA properly winterize your spa. We have a low fixed rate, and properly prepare your spa for a shutdown period. BBSpa come s and drains your spa. We provide preventative maintenance to  the plumbing connected to vulnerable components that may be damaged by occasional freezing nights. Properly close your spa with us.                                                                 One Time Trip Fee + $138.00
Spa service